No booking fees. No referral fees. A smart appointment system that you and your patients will love. Oh, and no booking fees.


Harnessing Deep Learning & Integating into your favorite systems.

One Big Mission

At Actinome, we are on a mission at making the entire patient-doctor experience much better. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, and integrating into your favorite EHR/EMR systems; we are able to automate most of the busy work and provide smart predictive analytics by looking your patients in thousands of different angles.

Solutions we provide you.

Smart Booking

Embed a simply to use, natural language processing driven booking system into your website. This Smart Booking connects directly into your EHR/EMR and may even be hooked into your marketing team’s CRM for appropriate follow-ups.

This will allow for new patients and existing patients to book appointments with you automatically.

Smart Portal

Your new and existing patients may access a HIPAA Compliant portal to recieve any updates or notes from you directly. This allows for much better communication and less time spent making phone-calls and tedious coordination.

Our smart system will send the new or existing patient reminders on upcomming appointments automatically.

No-Shows and Timing Predictions

We do not charge for booking, but what we do provide smart predictions on whether a new or existing patient will show to the appointment.

This is done by our propietary Deep Ensemble Networks which have been trained on Millions of Patient Data.

We want you to best prepare to save time and money.

Many more to come…

There are many more intelligent-applications to come for all our existing partners.

Want to take a look at some of our past work using Deep Learning in Medicine?

Fair Pricing.

One Flat Fair Price

We are in it for the long run and truly believe in building strong relationships and partnerships. Given our main focus is on building more intelligent applications for you, we only charge one flat rate which is estimated by per physician in your practice.